Paying Attention

I often sit around whilst waiting for meetings and just look at my surroundings. This is pretty normal, most people do this, but how many people let their mind wander while doing it. You might be looking, but you’re not seeing.

Your mind is off down a rabbit hole of imagination and fantasy. This is sometimes a good thing, but it’s only when you are really present and know what that feels like, that you realise how we pop in and out of reality constantly during the day.

Today is a nice warm day, and there is nothing better than really feeling and paying attention to the warmth on my skin and listening the the birds in the trees. All these things would be missed if I wasn’t paying attention to the world.

As attractive as this is. Still can’t work out why it come with only 8mb of RAM

For some reason I’m facinated by running water

The latest Shortcuts beta does indeed fix everything that put me off using my iPad for weeks. But I just feel like I can’t trust Apple going forward, and that I’m too invested in something that if broken hinders my work dramatically.

Where to put your tech investment

So how exactly do people wade through a world this complicated. It’s a huge task but it is now absolutely vital that users start to choose items based on the ethics and values that a company holds.


Google has been tracking Android users even with location services turned off

Google has confirmed it has been able to track the location of Android users via the addresses of local mobile phone masts, even when location services were turned off and the sim cards removed to protect privacy.

Well I for one, am shocked!


Where To Put Your Tech Investment…

Dont get me wrong, the depressing and outrage on Twitter is annoying, but so is constant positivity and motivational memes. I think the best world is a varied one, where we all understand each others perspective.

Stop looking at me

Enjoyed a long run out around Belvoir Castle today