The Weirdness Of Company

The last couple of days I have been completely out of my comfort zone. I’ve been out on the road as normal, in Scotland for a few days, but this time the family came with me.

It’s surprising to me how weird it feels not being on my own for hours. We checked into a hotel I’ve stopped in numerous times, but this time with company. It feel so strange to be unpacking my things in a familiar space, but to also have other there doing the same.

I already know I spend too much time alone and today really brought those feelings home. I am glad that I have spent time travelling the country and seeing new things whilst building relationships, but pleased it is coming to an end. Spare a few thoughts for sales reps, engineers and delivery drivers that do this task; all without company.

Is there a post to shortcut floating around before I try and make one

So, my working life is about to be turned upside down over the next few months and I’m crashing headlong into design work, branding and engagement. Any resources, tips or people I should follow to help this be a little easier?

I get very little interaction, nor am I feeling the need to check any more. Perhaps it is time to say good bye

After having some time away to myself. Barely talking about tech and not constantly editing podcast I feel refreshed and ready to not make the same mistake again.

After saying I wasn’t going to bother, I caved and got the new ones

What a gorgeous day

I'm absolutely fine, but

I’m absolutely fine, but today I was knocked off my motor bike.

Yep, I’ve only had it a week and some fool that wasn’t looking what they were doing, ended up with their car on-top of my bike!

So it’s an insurance job to fix it, more of a pain in the ass than anything as today was such a great day for it. But nothing like a brief trip to the ground to make you humble and grateful to be alive.

Starting early

Even though I’ve admitted it to myself that it’s never going to happen. I think I’m still trying to be ‘a writer’. Time for one blog with all my posts on it I think.