Has a great chat with @patrickrhone on this weeks podcast. We covered too many topics to outline them all. Just listen andyouare.libsyn.com/patrick-r…

Some small thoughts on the 2018 MacBook Pro.

I had a small accident with my 2016 MacBook Pro on Wednesday. It held up surprisingly well to me dropping it, but I simply couldn’t use it for business use any further so had to get a new one.

I expected this to be pretty much the same experience however there seems to be considered difference in the keyboard. I’ve never had an issue with the old version, but this new one is much softer and easier to type on. The travel seems about the same but key presses are much more comfortable and not nearly as loud.

The screen is also great with True Tone, you never realise just how our the colours can appear until they give you a toggle to test it!

Remote Friendships

When we talk about remote work, can we also talk about ‘remote friendships’? Met the best people through Twitter, IG, online connections. 💙🤗 - Alex Muench

I need to remember this more than I do. I get obsessed with all the negativity around using social media. Yet most of the connections and friendships I have are those forged online.

The only reason I podcast is because of Twitter and finding people to do it with. Many of the people I consider friends I have never met in person, simply read their words, listed to their voices and occasionally has a conversation across the web. Social media is great when used in the correct, posistive way.

Saturday morning spelling practice 🙈

It’s a funny world the technology sphere. Evernote gets loads of stick for numerous years, about how bad it apparently is. Then a couple of influential people say it’s actually okay. Boom. Evernote is hip again.


I need to learn Indesign - any tips on the best resources?

I’m not sure why, but I get very little engagement on social media any more. Less and less reason to post

Grumble grumble Apple grumble changed something that doesn’t exactly fit my use case. Grumble grumble

The battery on my iPhone Xs seems to have gone really poor all of a sudden. Although the settings and battery stats seem to be the same. Strange…