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★ I Caught My Ego

Last Saturday I celebrated my 10year anniversary with my wife. We don’t usually make a fuss of occasions like this but it was a big number so we decided to go out and treat ourselves.

I knew exactly where to book for food, and asked them to arrange a bottle of champaign for the occasion. Nothing too fancy, a middle of the road Moët and a couple of glasses - 10 years is a long time after all. The food was fantastic, and so was the drink and I decided to take a few photos to mark the occasion.

I caught myself though, turning the bottle so I could show off the label. These photos weren’t for me, they were for my ego. As if I needed to show off this bottle to others. It means nothing, and I’m glad I caught myself but I’ve been a bit hard on myself since - which is possibly a worse trait but more about that another day.