Sack the designer…..

Does anyone else get terrible threading on the iOS mail app. It bundles emails together simply for having the same subject and no way to separate them that I can find.

Doing things for social media

pepibumur wrote:

Giving up social networks has been so far an eye opening experience. I was confronted with the cruel reality that I used to do things with the sole goal of sharing them on Twitter or Facebook.

I have been thinking about this lots. Many of my family have a tendency to take photos purely for sharing that I no longer feel the need to do.

I thought the camera was the most important thing to be when purchasing a smartphone. Turns out I don’t need to take as many photos as I used to.

I might regret this when I’m old and can’t remember things so well. But at the moment I’m stuck to the mantra that “memories are stored in your brain not your smart phone”.

I have no idea why I checked but my whole blog is only 187mb šŸ¤Æ

Unpopular opinion: Iā€™m really impressed with the keyboard on 2018 MBP. Almost feels like the keyboards of old.

Iā€™m actually considering picking up an iPad mini simply for reading. Is that weird?

My first run in a very long time actually went quite well. My shoulder pain has gone šŸ™Œ

Lucie is at her happiest playing with the simplest of toys

I earnt a massive Ā£1.36 this month in affiliate sales through amazon. Wooohoooo

Lucie loves riding on the horses šŸ’•